14 killed in plane crash in Brazilian Amazon

27 mins ago

Fourteen people were killed Saturday when a plane crashed in the Brazilian Amazon in the northern town of Barcelos, a popular tourist stop, the governor of Amazonas state said.

34 mins ago

BetCorrect has unveiled an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered online betting platform in Nigeria. Speaking during the launch in Lagos, the Managing Director, Adriano Amadei, expressed the company’s commitment to revolutionising Nigeria’s online betting landscape…

50 mins ago

The story around the successful screening and streaming of Jagun Jagun is now over, or so it seems. It is an exceptional film, no doubt. While some critics of history were busy detailing why it is a work that falls short of its historical narrativity and why it should be read….

1 hour ago

Members of the All Progressives Congress in the United States of America (APC-USA) have called on Nigerians in the Diaspora to support President Bola Tinubu’s ongoing efforts and determination to reposition the country socially, economically and politically.

1 day ago

Abuja-based artiste, Ad-Terry in an interview with Ajuluchukwu Brown, talked about growing up, his music and Pan-Africanism. He expressed his passion to use music as a tool for Pan-Africanism, unifying Africans with his music. Tell us about the brand Ad-Terry.