After Insulting Oba of Benin, Local Youths Protest Against Bobrisky On Sighting Him In Their Community

Youths from Benin trooped out in large numbers on Sunday to express their disapproval of the presence of popular crossdresser Bobrisky’s in their community following his alleged insults to the Oba of Benin.

The socialite had caused a lot of controversy and outrage last year when he jokingly in a video asked the Oba of Benin to marry him.

Many of the youths of Benin have considered this as an insult to the Benin culture and they have considered him a persona non-grata.

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Word on the street is that the crossdresser is coming to the state again for an event and many youths flocked the street to protest and express their unacceptance of this.

They were seen holding placards which conveyed their displeasure in such words as “He is a bad influence; We don’t want him in our state”.

Evablaze41 stated: “See them jobless youths country nor hard reach where Una Dey Abi?”

adorable_joan penned: “Make Una protest for your bad roads to be fixed.”

King_weba wrote: “You see poverty and illiteracy is a problem in Nigeria, that’s why the govt can call us jobless Nigeria youth all this isn’t necessary Abeg”

klassy_peace remarked: “I don’t understand…with everything going on now How is this important …rubbish”

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