Akase frowns at Gov Alia’s comments on insecurity in Benue

Mr Terver Akase, Media Aide to the former Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has called on Governor Hyacinth Alia’s administration to refrain from ‘unfortunate’ statements on insecurity in the state.

Akase made the call in a statement on Sunday, saying such statements are untrue and capable of tarnishing the image of the state before the entire country and the world at large.

According to him, leaders who are supposed to protect the interest of their people are quick to go to the media and accuse the people of being responsible for the security situation bedevilling them.

Akase said such statements are not only unfortunate but also disturbing, adding that Benue people are peace-loving.

He said, “It is shocking, disappointing and saddening that some leaders who should protect the interest of those they govern are quick to grant press interviews and blame Benue people and accuse them of being killers of their loved ones.

“One of such press outings was an interview published in the June 8, 2024 edition of a national daily in which unfounded allegations were made, apparently targeted at the immediate past administration of Chief Samuel Ortom.

“In the same interview, other Benue people were also accused of killing their own only to approach the Federal Government for monetary interventions. Youths of the state were particularly accused of rustling Fulani cattle as the cause of the frequent attacks on the state.

“We find the above statements not only unfortunate but disturbing. Raising such weighty allegations without providing any proof to support the claims sends a rather wrong signal to the rest of the country. Benue people are known as very hospitable and peace-loving citizens of Nigeria.”


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