Anambra: 3 months after, man narrates how his 37-year-old brother was abducted

For the family, friends and business associates of Izuchukwu Onyeama, December 18, 2022 remains one of the most unforgettable days in their life.

While their neighbours were busy preparing for Christmas celebration, Izuchukwu’s family were running from pillar to post, looking for a solution for the problem currently staring them in the face.

It was the day one of their own, Izuchukwu Onyeama was abducted by unknown persons on his way home from Abagana in Anambra state.

Narrating the ugly incident in an exclusive interview with WITHIN NIGERIA reporter, the younger brother to the victim, Mr. Godwin Onyeama stated that it has being traumatic moment for the family.

“My brother, Izuchukwu Onyeama was kidnapped on the 18th of December 2022.”

Giving details on how it happened, Mr. Godwin stated that, “we are natives of Abagana but live in Mkpor. It was in the evening of 18th December 2022 (Sunday), when he went to our village Abagana. On his way coming back he met those people at Ogidi and they hit his car with their tricycle and he came down to see what was happening, that was when they beat him and dragged him into his car and drove off

It was while they were dragging him that his small phone fell from his pocket and someone picked it and when we called the phone the person said that they’ve carried the owner of this phone and that we should come to the police station and collect the phone.

That was how we collected the phone and saw that they’ve withdrawn all his money.”

Asked if they have reported the incident to the police, Mr. Godwin stated, ” we reported the incident to the police but up till now, nothing has happened. They kept on telling us come today, come tomorrow. We even paid some money to facilitate their work but nothing has come out of it, since three months now.”

On whether they have received any call from his alleged abductors, he said that ” we have not received any call from anybody. But we believe he is still alive because anywhere we go for spiritual solution to the incident, they keep on assuring us that he is still alive, though they couldn’t exactly where he has been.”

Asked if they are suspecting anybody for the incident, he told WITHIN NIGERIA that ” we are not suspecting at all. We believe it happened out of security breakdown in Nigeria.”

Mr. Godwin equally told our reporter that his brother, Izuchukwu, a 37 year old tanker driver is an easygoing person.

Further checks also showed that Izuchukwu is married with three children whom have been asking the whereabouts of their dad since December 18, 2022 without any appropriate words to describe to them what actually happened to their loving and caring father.

Godwin therefore appeal to the general public to report to any nearest police station any information that can lead to the recovery of Izuchukwu or call 08039622575.