Arise Interview: Buhari takes delight in ridiculing Igbos, utterances unpresidential — Afenifere

.A look at Buhari’s hailers and his haters

Dayo Johnson Akure

The Yoruba Pan Socio-Political Group Afenifere has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of taking delight in ridiculing Igbos by his unpresidential utterances.

The group’s Secretary General Chief Sola Ebiseni in a statement in Akure in reaction to the President’s interview on Arise as regards IPOB, Afenifere said that ” the President takes delight in ridiculing the Ndigbo which he used IPOB to represent.

“Thus, to him, the Igbo and their territory is just a dot in a circle of the map of Nigeria, which even if the secede could exit to nowhere since the elders and youths of the South-South had assured him of not being part of the secessionist agenda.

“He couldn’t have been reacting to the IPOB but the Igbo who he said had businesses everywhere.