CA makes neck guards mandatory for batters despite Smith and Warner’s preference

Cricket Australia will make neck guards mandatory for Australia and domestic players from October 1 meaning the likes of Steven Smith and David Warner, among others, will be forced to wear them on their helmets having resisted doing so since their introduction in 2015.

A number of players have hit the roof at Marvel StadiumGetty Images

Changes to stumping reviews

In other changes to the playing conditions, balls hitting the roof at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne are no longer automatically six. The on-field umpires will now make a judgment call on whether the ball was travelling for six and if they decide it was not, it will be a dead ball. This follows several examples where top edges that went straight up into the roof were awarded six runs despite clear evidence that the ball would not have landed beyond the inner circle.

Also in the BBL and WBBL, any umpire reviews for a stumping will not include a TV umpire review for caught behind as well. The TV official will only adjudicate on the stumping. Captains will need to use the DRS to query a caught-behind decision and the review must be taken before the TV umpire adjudicates on a stumping.

There were also several new conditions added to speed up play. On-field injury assessments, with the exception of concussion assessments, are now limited to one five-minute window. Players needing further treatment will need to leave the field, meaning batters would be forced to retire hurt.

CA has also removed the Covid-19 substitute rule from their playing conditions in line with the ICC doing the same.

Alex Malcolm is an Associate Editor at ESPNcricinfo