Catholic Bishop to Politicians: True leaders prioritize welfare of their constituents

The Catholic Bishop of Ogoja Diocese, Most Rev. Donatus Akpan, has called on Nigerian leaders in the political sphere to prioritize the welfare of the masses and strive to uplift them.

Speaking on Sunday during a Thanksgiving Mass for Sen Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe at St. Bennedict’s Cathedral in Igoli-Ogoja, Cross River State, Akpan called on Nigerians, especially politicians, to uphold truth and honesty in their endeavours.

Addressing the congregation, Akpan highlighted the significance of integrity in public service.

He urged politicians to stay true to their calling, reminding them that only those who shunned the truth would avoid associating with individuals of integrity.

“When Nigerians align themselves with the truth, progress is inevitable.

Akpan also cautioned politicians against the temptation to engage in fraudulent activities or deceive the public they serve.

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He advised against harbouring thoughts of intimidation or defrauding others, stressing that the office they hold should not be a medium for personal gain or abuse of power.

During his speech, the Bishop celebrated Sen Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe’s character, describing him as a real human being.

The Bishop hailed Jarigbe’s authenticity, urging him to remain concerned about the welfare of his people.

He warned that amassing wealth at the expense of the people would not be condoned by heaven, asserting that true leaders prioritize the well-being of their constituents and strive to uplift them.

Akpan emphasized the need for politicians to not disappoint God by disregarding the needs of their people.

He enjoined them to remain focused on their responsibility, reminding them that celebrating their achievements would be meaningless if they failed to fulfil their duty to serve the public selflessly.

On his part, Sen Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe who acknowledged the incumbent Governor, Sen. Bassey Otu who despite the intensity of the competition during the elections has conducted himself with dignity and respect as he governs the state.

“Our democracy thrives on robust debate and healthy competition and I am grateful for the opportunity to engage in such a spirited contest.

“The challenges ahead are enormous but so too is our resolve to overcome them, together let us build a future that is brighter, more prosperous and more inclusive for all,” he said.



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