Codix Pharma inaugurates Charity Foundation to improve healthcare nationwide

As part of efforts toward promoting and improving healthcare across the nation, Codix Pharma Limited has inaugurated a Charity Foundation. The Codix Charity Foundation is a philanthropic endowment fund.

The company, in a statement, said with self-sustainability, donations, and partnerships, Codix Charity Foundation will focus on three critical areas: improving the health of individuals within communities most vulnerable to the effects of non-communicable and communicable diseases, capacity building for healthcare professionals and access to lifesaving innovative medical devices and medicines.

Group Managing Director, Codix Pharma Limited and Chairman, Codix Charity Foundation, Sammy Ogunjimi, said: “Launching the Codix Charity Foundation is a way of formalising our commitment to society and a crucial part of our legacy, especially at this point in the growth of the company and our people. With the Codix Charity Foundation, we aim to make a difference by impacting lives and giving hope within every community we reach.”

Ogunjimi said improving the health of individuals within communities most vulnerable to non-communicable and communicable diseases requires addressing challenges within the communities and anticipating crises. He said Codix Charity Foundation will work with stakeholders to increase access to financial and basic but lifesaving medical devices within healthcare centres mostly affected.

“The Codix Charity Foundation will include as part of its initiatives the ‘Codix Academy’ programme launched in 2022, to train healthcare professionals in Nigeria. Through the Codix Academy, participants will be equipped with knowledge and expertise on cutting-edge medical devices, thereby increasing survival outcomes for patients.

“This endowment fund will allow Codix Pharma to open its doors to other public initiatives beyond healthcare, and by working with other partners, Codex Charity Foundation further strengthens Codex Pharma’s dedication to society,” it noted.

The statement added: “We are a leading African health-tech company working to improve the health of nations. As a fast-growing global healthcare company, we are committed to ensuring the best form of quality through our dedicated team across Nigeria (Headquarters), Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the United Kingdom (UK).

“We provide innovatively, lifesaving medicines and medical devices to thousands of people nationwide and across the continent. With sustainability and social responsibility at the core of our existence, our brand isn’t just an identity to distinguish us as a business or from the competition, it is a beacon of hope, a symbol of genuine care, and a fierce desire to contribute towards improving the health of nations leveraging innovation and technology.”