Democracy Day: Oyo LP gives FG low performance score

The Labour Party, LP, in Oyo State has stated that democracy in the last 25 years has regressed the nation, with Nigerians viewing past years as better than the current.

In a statement signed by the state chairman of the party, Sadiq Tunji, on Tuesday, the party noted that the federal government’s administration in the last year has followed the same pattern.

According to him, “the cost of living has increased by between 200 and 300 per cent, with prices of basic food items skyrocketing. Transportation costs have significantly risen. Average incomes have shrunk. Many businesses have closed down, possibly never to reopen. Youth have flooded the unemployment market due to business shutdowns. People have become poorer. People are disoriented. People are unhappy and have mostly lost all hope,” he said.

The Chairman noted that the root cause was the floating of the exchange rate, removal of subsidies from petroleum products without adequate palliative arrangements, and unhindered corruption.

“Unfortunately, the subsidy is back, even at a higher rate.

“We, at the Labour Party, would like to appreciate our people’s resilience over the years. You have adopted various coping mechanisms for the challenges of the time. However, as things are going, there is an urgent need for decisive positive actions.

“We call on the government at various levels to stop insulting the adaptability of our people through their ostentatious living amidst the poverty of the people. It is a show of selfishness and irresponsibility, to say the least.

“Since the petroleum subsidy was removed through the spirit of courage that possessed our President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we at the Labour Party challenge Mr President to let the same spirit of courage possess him to recover all the trillions of naira stolen in the last 8 years of the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration in Nigeria back into the national coffers.

“The fact of the stolen money has been established everywhere, and I am sure the president knows the location of the money. We encourage him to summon the courage to bring the money back for our benefit,” he said.

The Labour Party urged the president to demonstrate more commitment to his renewed hope agenda by reducing the cost of governance and implementing policies to reduce poverty.

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“The way the government is running does not show enough prudence in the management of our scarce resources. Senators were awarded N150 million worth of vehicles at this time of economic challenges, constituency projects that are of little or no value to the constituency are smuggled into the budget. Ministers are moving around with a retinue of motorcades. Those in government are stealing, and they are telling us there’s nothing we can do.

“Only recently, a senator allegedly stated that stolen money is being shared among their constituency people. A senator recently allegedly bought shrouds and other burial materials for his constituency. What does that signify?

Atayese said that citizens now find it difficult to trust the government on project execution and other policies. He urged the current administration to take a cue from other neighboring countries where those in government are actually serving their people rather than themselves.

He added that citizens are still doubting the prompt delivery of over N2.8 trillion naira coastal road projects due to the failure of past projects.

“In our Oyo state, the government of the day is trying its best. A good number of roads are being constructed to promote development. Rapid development, which the present government holds dear to its heart, can take place only when the government is closer to the people.

“However, the government is still far from the people, as demonstrated repeatedly that the local government administration matters less. The latest of such demonstrations was the last local government election, which was judged at best as a selection.

“At the Labour Party Oyo State, we understand that the well-being of the people should be the ultimate priority of any good government. We are working with a team of individuals who believe in the welfare of the many as against the welfare of the few, presently being practiced by various succeeding governments.

“It is our goal to bring about a government that is closer to and responsive to the needs of the people. This will be championed by individuals who are development-conscious and driven by a passion to serve the people.

“The Labour Party Oyo State remains dedicated to upholding democratic principles, holding the government accountable, and ensuring the voices of its members, supporters, and the people of Oyo State, and by extension, Nigerians, are heard and respected,” he concluded.


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