Despite budget on health, sector suffers inadequacy, underfunding, shortage of staff

In 2001, African leaders met in Abuja, agreeing to commit 15 per cent of their yearly budget to health sector. But Nigeria has never met that target despite the consequences of inadequate funding of healthcare system. Though the 2024 budget for health in Lagos, N151.66b, is higher than what it was in 2023 (N149.35b), the 2023 health budget was 8.45 per cent of the entire N1.768trn budget while the 2024 health budget is 6.75 per cent of the total N2.246trn state financial plan. Gbenga Salu writes there is misplaced priority in the state’s health sector with PHCs underfunded and inadequate staff to discharge their function.NPHCDA also said operating hours should be 24 hours, with each PHC having one ambulance vehicle, a bicycle, mobile phone, computer, internet services, one motorcycle, and one small motor boat for riverine area.

An abandoned PHC in Badagry area of Lagos