Discussing Tonkeeper Battery, Gasless and W5 with CEO Oleg Andreev

Could you share the story behind Tonkeeper? How did it start, and what motivated you to create this non-custodial TON wallet?

Oleg AndreevReflecting on the integration of Notcoin into Tonkeeper, how did the listing of Notcoin unfold, and what was the overall impact on the Tonkeeper ecosystem? Were there any notable challenges or successes during this process?Tonkeeper, a product of Ton Apps Group, is the leading non-custodial wallet for TON blockchain. It has created innovations such as Tonkeeper Battery for handling token and NFT fees and TON Connect for secure connection to thousands of web3 apps. In addition, Tonkeeper also has the largest developer platform on TON network — TON API, used by over 80% of projects in the ecosystem.

Download Tonkeeper:

iOS & Android: tonkeeper.com

Windows, Mac, Linux: tonkeeper.com/pro