#EndSARS: Look into the grievances of the youths now to avoid a reoccurrence — Odua Assembly 

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Dayo Johnson – Akure

The Odua Assembly TOAS has asked the Federal government to urgently consider the demands of #EndSARS protesters to avoid a re-occurrence that may be devastating to the existence of the country.

According to the group in a communiqué issued after their meeting said that that the protest was a “response to years of alleged police brutality and lack of meaningful reform efforts by the government.

The communiqué signed by its President Ambassador Yemi Farounbi said that “What began as a protest against the hated police (SARS) then became a conduit for the youth to vent their anger on the people who have been in charge of Nigeria for decades.

“The ugly side of it was the hijack of the peaceful protest by another set of angry youths.

“They vandalized shops, raided warehouses, and targeted the businesses of prominent politicians.

“Although the approach of these two groups is different, they do share one thing in common; a disdain for those in charge of authority.

“The beauty of it all is that hope is not lost for Nigeria. The country still has many intelligent youths who can challenge the decay and rots in the Nigerian system.

The group, however, “condemned in totality, the burning down of police stations and other public places and utilities by protesters.

It requested the government to “ensure that various panels of inquiry set up by various states are given free access to investigate the root causes of what led to the unexpected violence that ought to have been prevented while those involved in the shooting at Lekki be fished out and prosecuted.

“Families of those youths who lost their lives in the protest should be adequately compensated

They demanded an “apology from all state governors and agencies on the shoddy way they handled palliative materials.

“TOAS ask for total reformation and rehabilitation of the security agencies vis a vis police, military beginning with better welfare package for them to boost their morale and improved training.

“We equally ask that the salaries and allowances of our lawmakers, political officers executives and legislative from Local, State and Federal be drastically reduced.

The group asked that “the government and National Assembly to re-write the Constitution to allow for devolution of many of the powers and resources vested in the centre to the states for example in the areas of policing, housing, education, health, roads, agriculture.

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