Erdogan blasts Turkey’s top court, backs probe into judges

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday accused the country’s highest court of making repeated mistakes and defended an unprecedented criminal investigation against its judges.Kavala was found guilty of trying to overthrow the constitutional order by allegedly funding a wave 2013 protests that posed the first serious challenge to Erdogan’s two-decade rule.

Atalay represented the legal defence team of the people involved in those protests.

Both men called the charges against them political and fictitious.

Erdogan suggested that Atalay could flee Turkey if he is released.

“Unfortunately, similar things have happened before,” he said.

Turkey’s parliament has previously voted to lift immunity from prosecution of opposition politicians — many of them Kurds — that the government views as “terrorists”.

“Our parliament also acts slowly on these issues. In other words, many terrorists escaped and went abroad because the process of lifting their immunity in parliament was dragging out,” Erdogan said.

“My country should not and cannot face the threat of perverts who have fled abroad.”


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