Expert harps on investment, diversification to boost Africa’s economy


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Tim Akano

Worried by China’s domination of African economy, Chief Executive Officer, New Horizons Nigeria, Tim Akano, has called on African leaders to prioritise agricultural investment and economic diversification.

Akano said if Africa does not rise to its responsibilities, China could enslave it as the Asian country has consistently been exploiting the region’s natural resources, especially precious economic stones and agriculture, to develop its economy.

On agriculture, he noted that Ghana and Ivory Coast control 60 per cent of the world’s total production of cocoa beans but that China’s recent export of its first cocoa to Belgium should raise concern for the continent.

He said the youths should change their mindset about agriculture and strive to do better for the region and themselves.

Akano disclosed this in Lagos at his investiture as African Patriotic Leader of the Year presented by Trans-African Youth Initiative (TAYI). His company, New Horizons Nigeria was also awarded as ‘Most Productive ICT Company in Africa’.

He said African youths should build a strong network of businesses as the region would have to be united economically to grow the continent.

According to Akano, information technology (IT) is uncharted territory, especially regarding the fourth industrial revolution. He said with the right level of commitment and hardwork, Africans could dominate the space.

“To go far in life, you must pay the price. Don’t look for quick success but a lasting one because the deeper your roots the difficult it becomes to eliminate you. And this depth is gotten through exposure to knowledge,” he advised.