FCT Kidnappings: Tinubu approves procurement of digital tracking equipment

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Barrister Nyesom Wike stated that President Bola Tinubu has approved emergency procurement of digital tracking tools to help curb kidnappings.

Wike, disclosing this during a media interface in Abuja on Monday, mentioned that, without delving into details, the informants recently apprehended by security agencies in the territory are cooperating and providing actionable intelligence.

He added that information obtained from the suspects had led to the arrest of some kidnappers, who were subsequently paraded by the police over the weekend.

Wike asserted that security agencies have successfully thwarted additional attacks, emphasizing that the government is actively addressing the situation.

While lamenting the past lack of adequate equipment, Wike expressed optimism that with the emergency procurement approval from the president, the scenario would change.

He highlighted the absence of essential facilities and vehicles for security agencies, emphasizing the necessity of specific tracking equipment for effective crime reduction.

Wike recounted his experience as the Governor of Rivers State, where the acquisition of specialized equipment significantly contributed to crime reduction.

With the president’s approval for emergency procurement, he stated that they have identified the specific needs of each agency and will now provide the required equipment.

Addressing the issue of security in remote areas, Wike mentioned that motorcycles would be procured to reach inaccessible locations.

He stressed that security goes beyond equipment and involves motivating personnel, refraining from divulging specific strategies due to the sensitive nature of the discussion on security.

Regarding the establishment of a security agency, Wike clarified that while the Administration cannot create its own security force like subnational entities, the FCTA will establish a Joint Task Force with a complete command and control structure, equipped to respond to security emergencies.

Wike acknowledged the efforts of security agencies in arresting informants and assured the public that everything is being done to protect lives and property.

He concluded by addressing the need to set up a joint security outfit with its own structure and equipment, ensuring a coordinated response in case of emergencies, albeit acknowledging that it would involve costs and time.


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