FG Urges EU for Support in Tackling Nigeria’s Insecurity Challenges

Federal Government appeals for increased EU support to address Nigeria’s security challenges, emphasizing global interconnectedness and urgency
Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, highlights Nigeria’s security threats and urges EU assistance, citing disparities in global attention and resources

The Federal Government of Nigeria has appealed to the European Union (EU) for increased support in addressing the country’s security challenges.
Speaking at the “Road to Schuman Forum on Security and Defence” event organized by the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) in collaboration with the EU, Minister of Defence Mohammed Badaru emphasized the interconnectedness of global security, highlighting that instability in one region can have ripple effects globally.
Represented by the ministry’s permanent secretary, Dr. Ibrahim Kana, Badaru underscored Nigeria’s ongoing security threats, including terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping, and urged the EU to assist in combating these issues.
Badaru expressed the government’s plea for support, comparing it to the assistance provided to Ukraine. He stressed that even a small fraction of the resources allocated elsewhere could significantly bolster Nigeria’s efforts against terrorism and banditry.
Highlighting the disparity in global attention, Badaru emphasized the urgency of addressing insecurity in Africa, particularly in regions like Niger, which are grappling with poverty and insecurity.
The minister reassured Nigeria’s commitment to promoting peace within Africa and globally.
Major General Adamu Garba Laka, the National Coordinator of NCTC, echoed the need for collaborative efforts to address security threats, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in enhancing national development.

Ambassador Samuela Isopi, representing the EU Delegation to Nigeria, underscored the significance of collective action in confronting security challenges and the importance of the meeting in shaping tailored security and defence partnerships between Nigeria and the EU.
The event served as a precursor to the Schuman Security and Defence Forum, scheduled for May 28 and 29, 2024, in Brussels, Belgium. Nigeria will participate alongside EU member states and international organizations to discuss strategies for addressing security threats.