Former BSU Vice Chancellor advocates pension, gratuity for retiring staff

Prof. Akase Sorkaa, the former Vice Chancellor of Benue State University (BSU), has urged the Governor Hyacinth Alia led administration, to extend the payment of pensions and gratuity to retiring staff of the institution.

Prof. Sorkaa made this appeal during a public lecture commemorating the 30th anniversary of Benue State University.

In his address, which he titled “Enhancing Capacity Building and Quality Education for Sustainable National Growth,” Prof. Sorkaa stated that introducing pensions and gratuity for retiring staff at BSU would serve as a significant motivator for greater productivity and instil a sense of security among the workforce post-retirement.

Sorkaa commended the administration of Governor Hyacinth Alia for bringing about positive changes in the payment of salaries, pensions, and gratuity for public servants in Benue State.

He mentioned the importance of extending these benefits to the staff of Benue State University, ensuring that they feel secure and motivated throughout their careers.

Prof. Sorkaa urged the present administration to build on the successes achieved by past administrations and address ongoing challenges faced by the university in terms of funding, security, and land encroachment.

The Chairperson of the occasion, Prof. Charity Angya, celebrated the university’s 30 years of productivity and impact, expressing optimism for continued advancements and accomplishments in the future.

Vice Chancellor of Benue State University, Prof. Joe Iorapuu, highlighted the institution’s academic growth over the past 30 years, with graduates making significant contributions globally.

He assured that the university would witness unprecedented growth and development in the next 30 years.

Dr. Fredrick Ikyaan, the Commissioner for Education and Knowledge Management, reiterated Governor Hyacinth Alia’s commitment to the growth and development of the education sector in the state.

He emphasized that Benue State University is a source of pride for the state and pledged the government’s unwavering support to the university.