France joins 25 countries to ban TikTok

France has deployed troops, instituted a curfew, and joined twenty-five other countries to ban TikTok in its Pacific territory of New Caledonia in response to escalating protests and unrest since Monday, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced.

A state of emergency has been declared for at least 12 days, significantly enhancing police powers to quell the turmoil that has resulted in four deaths and over 100 arrests.

The unrest has also left more than 300 people injured following violent protests over voting changes pushed by Paris.

The situation further deteriorated today with the deaths of four individuals, including a security services officer.

After a two-hour security meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and top ministers, Prime Minister Attal addressed parliament, emphasising that the state of emergency aims “to restore order in the shortest time possible.”

New Caledonia’s airport is currently closed to international flights. Soldiers have been deployed to secure the territory’s ports and airport, Attal informed during a crisis ministerial meeting in Paris.

Louis Le Franc, the territory’s High Commissioner, requested the deployment of troops and has announced a curfew and a ban on TikTok.

These emergency measures grant authorities greater powers to enforce travel bans, conduct searches, and detain individuals deemed a threat to public order.

France has dispatched 500 police officers to the territory, akin to its other overseas territories such as Martinique and Reunion Island.



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