FTAN advocates decarbonise, green industrialisation in tourism, trade in Africa

The President of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), Mr Nkereuwem Onung has called on the various governments and tourism stakeholders to think more of how to promote green industrialisation in the tourism and trade sectors on the African continent.

The President of FTAN, who was represented by the Coordinator, FTAN Ekiti State Chapter, Dr Abioye Adedipe, made the submission at the opening ceremony of the first Africa Tourism Climate Action Forum (ATCAF) organised by Sayari Dunia Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Mrs Abigael Olagbaye held at Bishop Adetiloye Hall, Trade Fair, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria on Friday November 24, with the theme: Decarbonisation and Green Industrialisation of Tourism and Trade in Africa.”

The FTAN president emphasised the need to invest in renewable energy sources to power accommodation and transportation systems. This will involve the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, or the use of biofuels for vehicles and planes. Additionally, by promoting sustainable travel practices among tourists, such as encouraging the use of public transportation, supporting local businesses, and reducing waste, can help minimise the industry’s environmental footprint. Embracing green technologies and sustainable practices in the tourism and trade industries will not only mitigate the impacts of climate change but also create new opportunities for growth and development. This will require collaboration between governments, businesses, and communities to ensure that we can build a resilient and sustainable future for Africa. By doing so together, we can reduce our carbon footprint, create new jobs, and protect our precious natural resources for future generations. Let us work together to prioritise decarbonisation and green industrialisation in tourism and trade, and show the world that Africa is leading the way in sustainable development.

The forum attracted the presence of Conservator-General of Nigeria, Dr Ibrahim Goni, who was represented by Mr Emmanuel Ntuyang, Hon. Commissioner for Environment, Ekiti, Hon. Tosin Aluko, represented by Mr Tunde, Director General, Bureau of Tourism Development, Ekiti State, Amb. Wale Ojo–Lanre, Executive Secretary, Ekiti State Forestry Commission, Mr. Matthew Famuagun, Senior Special Adviser to Ekiti State governor on Green Economy on Climate Change, Dr Akinyemi Akinyugha and many other dignitaries and personalities.



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