GZERO VIDEO: Biden on Munich’s virtual tour and the return of America

NEW YORK (GZERO MEDIA) – Despite US President Joe Biden’s call for unity at the annual Munich Security Conference, it is only a near-term relief from everybody appearing, says American political scientist Ian Bremmer.

Western democracies are beginning to see the Chinese model as more stable and economically feasible, especially in contrast to the contested US presidential elections. Mr Bremmer also adds that Europe is similarly divided on issues such as trade and technology, with some European countries much less willing to go after China on values compared to the US.

A common concern between the US and Europe is the economy. However, US President Biden’s declaration of America’s return to the global stage was underscored by his announcement prior of tougher “buy American” clauses, a policy that is more unilateral than multilateral, notes Mr Bremmer.

That said, Angela Merkel’s speech continues to reinforce the core ideas of the Munich Security conference. Mr Bremmer highlights the alignment of core values on countries like Russia, Iran, China and other rogue states around the world.

Mr Bremmer concludes with cautious optimism, with work cut out for the Biden administration to restore ties.

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