How to start smoothie business at home with just N30,000

Are you thinking of starting a profitable business, then you should consider how to start a smoothie business with just N30,000.

There is no room for excuses in this 21st century because you can literally learn and make a living from anything you set your mind on. 

More so, the economic situation in Nigeria shouldn’t discourage you from starting a business especially a food business. It is forever relevant and profitable.

There are many recipes on the internet for making smoothies. You need to watch as many videos as possible, and practice till you get your own perfect combinations. 

To get started at home, you must have a blender, straw, new plastic bottles or cups – there are manufacturers that do this. Find out about where you can get wholesale prices for fruits and other recipes like yoghurt. You’ll also need bottle stickers for a brief description of what the smoothie contains.

 Make short videos of the process and pictures of the smoothies. You can start by informing people to place orders or you supply them. The people around you should be your first customers; they’ll give you the feedback you need  to improve your work. 

You can visit a gym to introduce your product to them, neighbours, company and those you know would like or are concerned about healthy foods. You can as well encourage those who are not interested.

 However, you’ll need  nothing less than N30,000 to get your fruits and a few cups or bottles for samples. If you don’t have a blender, the cost could be more. 


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