‘I survived the pandemic period on other sources of income, good financial habits’

Since settling into the Nigerian music scene a few years ago, KOREDE BELLO has made an incredible impact. The youthful singer and songwriter, who is signed under Mavin Records is not relenting on his journey to stardom. In this interview, the ‘Godwin’ crooner speaks to OBINNA EMELIKE on how he survived the pandemic, his new song, among other related issues.

How has it been with Korede Bello?

I have been well. Eating good, praying, mediating, making music, staying out of trouble and minding the business that pays me.

Tell us about your new song, its inspiration and more?

My new song is titled ‘Real Man’. It is a product of the experiences I have had with a lot of ladies. Women yearn for a man that can provide, protect and love them, and that has evolutionary reasons behind it. Unfortunately, most guys think this provision is only about material provision. A woman needs a man that can provide for her emotional needs too; a sensitive man. A lot of ladies can take care of themselves materially, so money is out of the equation. A Real Man knows what a woman needs when she needs it or at least, is willing to learn and can effectively communicate potential solutions to her problems.

Who would you identify as a real man and what makes a man one?

A real man is a provider; I mean a solution provider. A real man knows how to treat a woman right. As well, a real woman recognizes, respects and protects the rights of every girl/woman.

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What is the Korede Bello initiative all about?

I realised that it does not matter how much money or fame you acquire, you need good health to enjoy it, especially mental health. So, that is why I advocate for mental wellness as priority. Nothing really works if our mental health is not in good shape. You cannot get any form of education or even make meaningful relationships or contribution if there is conflict going on up there. The mind is just like a garden, you pick out the unwanted and water the wanted for proper growth. This is why mental health, for me, is Key.

The year 2020 was a difficult one for many musicians, how did you survive it?

Indeed it was a difficult period for entertainers and still is. We, the entertainers are in the people’s business, so the industry was hit by a different type of pandemic. Fortunately for me I had been pruning good financial habits before the pandemic, so it was easier for me to survive on other sources of income without having to depend on shows.

The pandemic opened doors for streaming platforms in 2020, do you think musicians are still patronizing streaming companies now and what advantage does it have over the normal album release platforms?

I have been benefiting from the streaming side of the industry before 2020, so I was not surprised that artistes would gravitate towards virtual means of earning more income. The future of the music business is online.

Do you see hope and recovery this year?

I am optimistic and positive that we will begin our recovery this year. Hopefully the vaccines will get to the populace in good timing.

Which artiste do you think will take the shine from Burna Boy, this year, considering that he ruled the Nigeria music landscape in 2020 despite the pandemic?

I do not believe anybody will take any shine from anybody. We shine different, the sun takes care of the day and the moon does its thing in the night. We all have our roles to play and the most important thing is to play it well individually and collectively.

You have this new perceived sex appeal, is it all part of a new style or it’s just you been you?

I am pretty sure different people have perceived me in sexual contexts before now. So, I guess it is new to you or your own perception.