JUST-IN: Tapswap postpones ‘token allocation date’ indefinitely

Recall that Nigerians, including young and old, have been obsessively tapping on their phones, with some asserting to be waiting for the tokens to be allocated to buy cars and houses of their choice from the many taps they have accumulated.
In a viral clip, a Keke driver was seen tapping away on his phone with one hand while simultaneously steering his moving vehicle and transporting passengers.
Another viral video showed several traders in Northern Nigeria tapping vigorously on their screens.

Tapswap, a popular tap-2-earn app, powered by TON Blockchain, says it has indefinitely postponed the token allocation to its users.
John Robbin, a Tapswap head of communications, said this on an X space on Wednesday.
Robbin said its representatives are seeking the best ways to reward the tap-to-earn gamers.
The Telegram Tapswap bot app, which involves repeatedly tapping a screen icon to mine coins, has gained popularity among Nigerians seeking financial gains.
Since its launch on February 15, 2024, the app has amassed over 50 million users.
The Tapswap head of communications said the method of token allocation has not yet been ascertained, stressing that the processes cannot be communicated before the allocation.
“The token launch was postponed until July 1. The new date will be communicated,” Robbin said.
“We will allocate a significant part of the tokens to the community to retain the tappers. We want you all to be part of the tapswap community.
“We need a token airdrop to be a win-win for all of us. We have started communicating with many exchanges and platforms.
The app’s communication head also noted that those using the mechanism to farm taps and abuse the game would be banned by running checks from the community members while seeking genuine tappers’ patience.
Speaking on the mining processes, he said, “Just open the app and tap on it; that will give you shares. The more you tap and the more upgrades you do, the more shares you will have when we finalize the tokens on it.
“The more tokens you want to have, the more tapping you have to do.”
On the booster option, which has already ended, the representative said it was not something new, adding, “We have room exponentially faster than we thought, and then to develop the game plan further, we introduced a paid feature to make their capital, but it was not mandated on the users.
“We introduced the limited x2 donation because the new influx of users kept coming in, and we needed them to make something out of it and get a fair allocation at TGE.
“It was a platform that allowed people who joined recently to compete with people who started earlier. It is gone for now, but we are looking forward to using the money we earned from it to improve the game in the future.

“It is all going to our 25 staffers working around the clock to sustain the app. We want to be here for a very long time.”
He also urged people to continue joining the tapping app as there’s time for them to get an appreciable token.