Kano worst governed, least performing state in Nigeria – Report

A report by the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEHUR) has ranked Kano State as the worst-governed and least-performing state in the country since the advent of the new administration in May 2023.

CEDEHUR made this known in its quarterly report on governance across the 18 states with new governors.

In the report made public at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, the Centre said its assessment was based on transparency, accountability, the quality of appointees, and the impact of policies on citizens.

Speaking on behalf of the Centre, Ambassador Adebayo Lion Ogorry said Kano ranks bottom for good governance, noting that the current administration has rather focused on political structures to the detriment of the people.

“Kano is one of the states whose governor has gotten it wrong on several fronts. From available statistics, the state is enmeshed in a series of political activities that have affected governance considerably.

“From interviews conducted with stakeholders in the state, it was gathered that the state governor is bereft of ideas on tackling the state’s socio-economic issues. It was also gathered that his choice of political appointees was hinged on political considerations and not based on experience and capacity.

“There was also evidence of gross abuse of office evident in the political persecution of perceived political opponents through irrational decisions that have boomeranged and affected the progress of the state. Available reports also indicated an astronomical lack of transparency and accountability in utilising state resources.

“The state governor was observed to have neglected governance in pursuit of political vendetta. The Governor of Kano State has allowed governance in the state to take a worrisome turn, thereby affecting sustainable growth and development substantially.

“From available reports, he appears to be a misfit who cannot think critically towards addressing the socio-economic issues in the state,” Ogorry stated.

CEDEHUR added that the governor has been abysmal, and his leadership style so far has brought governance to its knees.

It, however, advised the governor to design a developmental blueprint to address the various issues in the state.



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