Leave PDP if you’re ambitious than the party, Osun party chair fumes

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Shina Abubakar – Osogbo

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in Osun State, Mr Soji Adagunodo has disclosed that the party interest is bigger than that of individuals, directing those who prioritise personal ambition above party unity to leave for other parties.

He disclosed this on Wednesday while addressing the teeming party supporters at the New Year prayer session held at the new party Secretariat at Biket area in Osogbo.

He said all members of the party must work towards its unity and realised the importance that the ambition is subsumed in the party’s interest, hence, all stakeholders must work to ensure the different factions in the party unite to wrestle power from the ruling party in the state.

Adagunodo added that the founding fathers of the party knew that its interest supercede personal ambition, hence, it was named Peoples Democratic Party, adding that till this moment power belongs to the people within the party.

He also sought the forgiveness of stakeholders in the party in whatever way he might have offended them as he affirmed that forgiving one another is the way the party can progress to the path of progress.

“Everyone seeking political office must, first of all, seek the return of unity within the party as its interest should be a priority ahead of individual interest. If your ambition is more important than the party, then you can leave and join other parties or establish a new party. The founding fathers of the party envisaged that no individual ambition is more important than the party’s interest, hence the name was given to the party.

“I seek the forgiveness of every stakeholders I might have transgressed against during the struggle and I want them to forgive me as I have forgiven them all. We must protect our permanent interest of wrestling power from the APC and return the party to power rather than fighting one another. We are working towards peace and unity in the party and ensure that all factions reunite with one another”, he said.

Speaking on the statement credited to the National Secretariat that the new state secretariat is not recognised, Adagunodo said the national office has no business with where the state party office is located after necessary details had been communicated to the appropriate quarters, adding that Osun PDP has changed offices about seven times without any hassle.

He charged party leaders to return home and set the pace for reconciliation among various groups, as we are sure that we have all transgress against one another and it is time we forgive one another for the progress of the party.

“There must be a communication gap. We have used about 7 party secretariat since the inception of PDP in Osun. At no time in the past did the national secretariat determine for us where the secretariat will be.

“It is the people, the party at the state level that will determine where the secretariat will be. Because we were planning our annual thanksgiving today, and we saw a release by the national secretariat regarding the secretariat. They are meddling in the affairs of Osun PDP and that is not fair.

“Even if there is a crisis, they suppose to be an impartial arbiter, so that the crisis will be resolved. With the statement they issued on Tuesday, I hope they will not become part of the problem,” Adagunodo added

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