Nigeria Startup House to rise in America’s city of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The Federal Government is establishing the Nigeria Startup House in San Francisco, the American city that is home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, as Nigeria drives its ambition to become a global technology powerhouse.

Image Credit: Bosun Tijani/X

Nigeria Startup House?

The Minister, who hinted that the proposed Nigeria Startup House aims to promote Nigeria’s economic interest, also said that the move aligns with the Ministry’s vision of establishing Nigeria as a “significant player in the global technology landscape.”

Tijani said that the Nigeria Startup House is expected to benefit Nigeria’s tech ecosystem in several ways.

The hub will act as a platform to showcase Nigeria’s growing startup scene to a global audience, particularly those in the San Francisco Bay Area, which the Minister said was already established as a hub for tech giants and venture capitalists. This increased exposure is expected to attract more foreign investment and collaboration opportunities for Nigerian startups.

The selection of San Francisco for the Startup House is strategic. As Tijani highlighted, San Francisco is “recognised globally as a major source of startup ecosystem funding, with a combined GDP value of just over $929 billion and is home to over 200 of the largest companies in the world by revenue.”

This choice of location is also an investment magnet, the Minister said highlighting that “most of the $1.3 billion funding sourced by Nigerian technology startups in 2023 alone came from Venture Capital funds in the Bay Area.” 

While the Federal Government, represented by the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), will retain ownership of the Nigeria Startup House, a consortium of Nigerian digital technology companies will be responsible for its day-to-day operations. These companies will contribute non-government funding to support the hub’s activities.