Nigeria to host African data protectors’ annual meeting by 2025

Nigeria has won a bid to host the 2025 Network of African Data Protection Authorities (NADPA-RADPA) Conference and Annual General Meeting, the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC), the nation’s Federal data protector agency, has said.The meeting, NDPC said in a statement, focused on the partnership between NDPC and GIZ to host this significant event, scheduled to take place in Nigeria by May 2025.

Olatunji expressed his gratitude to the GIZ team for their continuous support since the signing of the Nigeria Data Protection Act.

He announced that Nigeria had won the bid to host the NADPA-RADPA Conference and emphasized the importance of early preparations to ensure the success of the event.

Dr. Olatunji requested GIZ’s support in organising the conference, aiming to surpass the achievements of previous editions in terms of preparation, hosting, and the substantial benefits it will bring to African countries.

The event is significant for promoting data protection standards and practices across the continent, and the collaboration between NDPC and GIZ is expected to play a crucial role in achieving these goals, according to the NDPC CEO.

Olatunji said that “the aim is to ensure that the 2025 edition surpasses the previous editions in terms of preparations, hosting, and the enormous value expected for African countries.”

The meeting, according to Olatunji, marks a significant step towards strengthening data protection efforts in Africa, with the upcoming conference serving as a pivotal platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among data protection authorities across the region.