Nigeria will survive present economic hardship —CAC president assures

THE President of the Supreme Council, Christ Apostolic Church, (CAC) Nigeria and Overseas, Dr Henry Ojo, has given the assurance that the country would overcome the present economic hardship like it did in 1984 during the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari as the military Head of states.

He gave the assurance at the official inauguration of Prophet Richard Adebayo Kolawole as the new General Evangelist and all the acting zonal evangelists at the Christ Apostolic Church, Oniyanrin, Ibadan, on Saturday.

The cleric, who stated that the country had experienced similar scenario in 1984 stressed the need for the Federal Government to address the issue of insecurity nationwide, adding that, “Farmers have been driven out of their various farms by the bandits, thereby, resulting into the rising increase in the prices of foodstuffs.”

He added that the present economic depression is not peculiar to Nigeria alone as other countries of the world are having their own bites.

“We need to be patient with the government. What we are experiencing is not new in the history of Nigeria and the world. We have experienced what is more terrible than this in 1984 during the military regime of President Muhammad Buhari and we survived it. If God helped us to survive it then, we will survive this too.

“Look at what is happening around the world, it is not limited to Nigeria. If you go to the United Kingdom, United States of America and other nations of the world, things are more expensive.

“It is a pity that many of us don’t have understanding of what is going on around the world. For instance, the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia is taking its toll on the global economy.

“In Nigeria, we are being confronted with the issues of kidnapping, banditry, pipeline vandalisation and other vices. Farmers have been forced out of the various farms. The effect of their action is what we are experiencing now,” he added.

He, therefore, called on the people to pray for the political leadership of the country, noting that, “The position comes with various challenges.”

“The position of leadership is not an easy task.  It carries a lot of prize and peril. Why did I say so, there is no leader that will be celebrated in his lifetime. Most leaders, whether in politics or religion  are celebrated after their demise,” he added.

The newly inaugurated General Evangelist, Prophet Kolawole, disclosed that he had earlier prophesied at the beginning of the year that the first three months of the year would be tough after, which things would normalise.

He, thereby, assured that things would begin to take shape as from April, but charged people not to relent in their prayers.


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