‘Not Twins But Brothers’: The fast-rising story of Nigerian up and coming comedian, Adesamh

Samuel Abiola Adegoke (Adesamh) (L) and Michael Anuoluwa Adegoke (R)

Comedian, Samuel Abiola Adegoke, well known as Adesamh, has undoubtedly created a niche for himself in the online comedy industry perceived to have been sort of overcrowded in Nigeria.

The comedian who is known for his perfect synchronisation with his partner during skits revealed both of them are neither twins nor friends, but brothers.

Describing his brother (Michael Anuoluwa Adegoke) and partner, Adesam said; “We met in my father’s house. We are brothers. I’m the elder brother and he’s the younger brother. He snatched my mum’s breast from me”.

Samuel Abiola Adegoke (Adesamh)

Growing up, he had to hawk everytime “we got back from school”.

Although their sychronisation can be said to be the selling point of the brand, fans cannot but wonder how. For Adesamh and his brother-partner, it is a piece of cake. The comedian noted it was easy for them since they started their career as dance drama actors.

According to him, dance drama requires more “energy” than those put in their skits. “So it’s not really a big deal for us”.