“NWC Must Go,” “PDP NWC Has Failed” – Protesters Storm PDP Headquarters, Demand NWC Resignation [PHOTO]

Olusola cited the PDP’s division due to the NWC’s failure to discipline Minister Nyesom Wike and his former colleagues for alleged anti-party activities.
The PDP NWC’s leadership has been criticized for failing in strategic decision-making, leading to a loss of confidence among party members in their ability to navigate challenges and represent the party’s interests.

Demanding the resignation of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party, a group of demonstrators operating under the banner of the PDP National Back Up stormed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) headquarters in Abuja on Monday.
Arriving at Wadata Plaza, the party’s national secretariat, at around ten in the morning, the demonstrators bore signs that read, “PDP National Working Committee NWC must resign.” They were clad in black and white.
They chanted slogans such as “NWC must go,” “PDP NWC has failed,” and “We want change.”

The leader of the protest, Salau Olusola, accused the NWC of being responsible for the party’s defeat in the 2023 presidential election.
He said the NWC failed to discipline former Rivers State Governor and Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike’s camp for alleged anti-party activities.
“Wike and other members of the G-5 camp were involved in anti-party during the 2023 elections, yet Damagum-led NWC refused to discipline them. So, they have divided the party into camps. This to us is unacceptable.”
He added, “Other reasons include ongoing internal disputes, factionalism, or lack of cohesion within the party can prompt calls for new leadership
“Poor electoral results may lead members to question the effectiveness of the leadership. And allegations of corruption, unethical behaviour, or a failure to uphold the party’s principles can trigger calls for resignation.”
Olusola also accused the NWC of failing to reconcile aggrieved members of the party.
He said the party is divided into factions, and the NWC has failed to do anything about it.

A member of the protesters, Ami Gift, said the NWC has failed to reconcile aggrieved members.
“They are irresponsible and we want them out now,” she said.