Offshore lab plants 1,000 tree seedlings in Bauchi varsity

1000 tree seedlings have been planted on the premises of Sa’adu Zungur University, Gadau (SAZUG) by Offshore Lab, with support from Shell Development Company.

The exercise took place at the new ICT complex in the main campus of the University, where an orchard was also established.

Speaking during the exercise, the Management of SAZUG, led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Fatima Tahir, reiterated that the University is fully committed to providing the necessary support needed to ensure environmental conservation.

The Vice Chancellor commended Offshore Lab for the initiative, stating that it is good to see the organization taking interest in environmental conservation.

She mentioned that the initiative came at the right time, as the University had always had the idea of establishing an orchard. She appreciated Offshore Lab for conceiving the same idea and with the support of Shell Development Company.

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“In as much as the University always had the idea of establishing something like this, I must say that this is the conception of Offshore Lab, also with the support of Shell Development Company,” she said.

She also mentioned that the University deemed it necessary to provide space for the establishment of the orchard, considering its importance not only to the institution but to the larger community.

Fatima Tahir added, “All we did was to give them space for them to be able to establish the orchard. They have done their part; it is now our turn to do our part.”

She urged the students, particularly the Environmental Conservation Club of the University, to take ownership of the orchard, adding that the University is also going to play its own part.

“Taking care of these trees is not going to be your sole responsibility, but the University is also going to play its part,” she stressed.

On his part, the CEO of Offshore Lab, Emeka Obiwulu, said the idea of this plantation was to take advantage of what the school is already doing in terms of environmental conservation and further develop it.

He emphasized the need for taking ownership of the plantation to ensure sustainability, adding that they will ensure constant monitoring.

Emeka Obiwulu advised the students to adopt the trees as put forward by the Vice Chancellor and take care of them.


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