Oncology clinic commemorates 2022 Cancer Survivor’s Month

Progress in cancer diagnosis, availability of treatment, and supportive care have resulted in a growing population of breast cancer survivors in Nigeria.

As a result, many Nigerian women living with breast cancer live healthy, happy and fulfilled years. Though tens of thousands of women succumb to the disease, Pearl Oncology wishes to celebrate the thousands of people impacted by breast cancer.

On June 26, more than 100 breast cancer survivors and advocates will gather online to mark Cancer Survivor’s Month at Pearl Oncology’s 2022 Breast Cancer Survivorship Webinar. The webinar will focus on how cancer survivors can shift from illness to wellness. We welcome anyone living with, through, and beyond cancer and their family members and friends to participate in this interactive event.

Titled “After Breast Cancer Treatment, What Next?,” the webinar will explore practical ways of dealing with the impact of cancer after treatment, fear of recurrence, true stories of hope, coping strategies and tools. The webinar will also highlight a recently published textbook, Global Perspectives in Breast Cancer Care which emphasizes in Chapter 39- the experience of Survivors and the Need for the Development of Supportive Care.

Hear from guest speakers Ethel Olomu, a survivor of stage 4 breast cancer and founder of Engraced Life Foundation, and Dr Adamu Al-Hassan Umar, President of Nigeria Cancer Society.

Dr Omolola Salako, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Pearl Oncology Clinic, stated, “Women living with breast cancer usually have unmet needs in several areas of survivorship, including symptom management, psychosocial support, care coordination, and communication around goals of care.

“Therefore, it is important to understand these needs and identify how best to address them. As part of its mission to provide holistic cancer care and patient support programs, Pearl Oncology Clinic reinforced its commitment to removing fear from the cancer equation. As well as providing survivorship care plans for every patient.”

Pearl Oncology Clinic is a multidisciplinary cancer centre delivering affordable, personalised cancer care in three underserved communities in Lagos, Nigeria. Pearl Oncology Clinic Lekki, Pearl at RJOLAD Hospital, Gbagada and Pearl at Navy Hospital, Ojo.

These cancer clinics deliver life-saving oncology services- chemotherapy, oncodiagnostics, target therapy and treatment for all cancers. We offer treatment for all cancers and access to life-saving, preventive, curative, and palliative oncology services.

From Oncologist led consultations to the safe delivery of chemotherapy, Pearl Oncology’s cancer specialists collaborate with clinicians to diagnose and create an evidence-based treatment plan for each patient. Pearl’s collaborative community model is built on partnerships and sharing clinical oncology resources with hospitals. This way, we strengthen the cancer care ecosystem and deliver cancer treatment closer to home.

An The American Association for Cancer Research initiative, Cancer Survivor Month, is geared at celebrating those who have fought the disease or are currently in treatment.