Politicians Overworking Judges For Democracy – Justice Buba

Justice Ibrahim Buba expresses concern about politicians’ undue influence on the judiciary, undermining Nigeria’s democratic principles
At a workshop on Judicial Accountability, Buba highlights how politicians burden the judiciary, hindering the legal system’s smooth operation

Former Federal High Court Judge, Justice Ibrahim Buba, has raised concerns over the undue influence of politicians on the judiciary, stressing its detrimental impact on Nigeria’s democracy.
At a workshop on Judicial Accountability organized by TAP Initiative and Open Society Foundation (OSF) in Abuja, Justice Buba highlighted the theme: “Impact of Judicial Accountability on Public Trust in the Legal System.”
Justice Buba emphasized that politicians frequently burden the judiciary with unnecessary cases, undermining the smooth functioning of the legal system. He noted that many disputes could be resolved without court intervention if politicians adhered to established rules and regulations.
According to Justice Buba, the failure of politicians to uphold court decisions and respect legal processes jeopardizes societal order and democratic principles. He stressed the essential role of judicial activism in promoting justice but emphasized that its effectiveness is limited without political cooperation.

In his welcome address, Martins Obono, Executive Director of Tap Initiative, echoed the need for enhanced transparency and accountability within the judiciary. He urged for a collaborative effort to strengthen the legal system while emphasizing the importance of respecting judicial independence.
The workshop aimed to foster dialogue and awareness regarding the vital link between judicial accountability, public trust, and the integrity of Nigeria’s legal framework.