Pomp, glamour as ‘Glam & Fire’ conference holds in Lagos

As a way of helping women reach their goals and dream according to the standards of their maker, Glam & Fire initiative held the second edition of its impact-based conference on November 4 at The Wheatbaker Hotel in Lagos. Tagged ‘Kingdom Woman: You can do all things’, the Christian women’s conference was held in collaboration with Echoes of Mercy and Hope Foundation.

Speaking during the event, Peggy Ovat, the convener of the conference stated that the inspiration for the annual conference came while she was pregnant with her son. “I was feeling so ugly and dry spiritually and I did not know how to console myself or encourage myself. But in that state, I kept hearing that I was beautiful. The Holy Spirit was comforting me with those words; that you are beautiful, and you carry fire. A conversation with a friend sort of brought the words ‘Glam and Fire’. So Glam and Fire was what was coming to me as a consolation. It was like my own personal affirmation in that state. I kept saying I am Glam, and after this baby comes out you will see my full option.

“It became a conference in quote when I was having a conversation with a friend and her husband. Suddenly it hit me that many women are going through what I am going through,” she explained.

On the second edition, Ovat shared, “When we introduced it we did it as an annual conference, we were intentional and deliberate because we know that it is not a one off thing.

“We get fired up, life happens, we get beat down and again begin to forget what we already know and so we need a reminder. The Mantra for the Glam and Fire itself is ‘grow, glow and become’. Rise, glow and become who you are in Christ.  Glow: shine your light for the whole world to see. Become the fullness and entirety of what God wants you to become and you will represent.

“But our Mantra for this year is ‘realign, refuel and refine’. This is because sometimes the vicissitudes of life will take you away from your place. Sometimes, even the kings get shaken when they hear the rumours and because of all of those things, you will somehow get disconnected. Scriptures say, “I will keep you as I am, I will keep you in perfect peace whose mind is stayed”. So that means that there has to be a position where you are for you to enjoy that perfect peace but because of the things that are going on in in life, you get disconnected, so that is why you need to realign”, she said.

“The whole Glam and Fire initiative is very broad and so we are trying to take it one step at a time. Each year, we are introducing new expressions.”

Present at the event as speakers include pastors and female ministers. Among them were Pastor Steve Ovat, Pastor Mani Money, Esther Benyeogo, Prophetess Fanny Ekpekurede, Pastor Sarah Akanya, Maryam Dan-Habu, and Kehinde Ejiogu.



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