Senate assures speedy passage of new minimum wage bill

The Senate has promised to give the proposed minimum wage bill expeditious passage once it is presented to it by the Presidency.President Tinubu and Labour.

“So we don’t even talk about the organised private sector. We don’t even talk about the sub-nationals. And then it behooves the NLC, which recognises the workers in the organized private sector and the sub-nationals to look at the NLC that recognizes them as their members, to even ensure that they advocate for them. The issue of some states still paying N18,000, though I don’t know because I don’t suspect that one to be happening. So if there are some states paying that, what have the labour centers in those states done in order to ensure compliance with that N30,000 minimum wage?

“So we need to ask them question too. But like I said, the National Assembly is going to do this law seriously watertight that either the state or sub-national or organized private sector that is not complying,  there is going to be sanction for it. So that’s the way it’s going  to be done this time around. But the labour centers too need to protect the welfare of their members, not only with the Federal Government.”



Tribune Online