Serbian Forward Rubbish Rumour On Having An Affair With Teammate’s Wife

Dusan Vlahovic, a Serbian forward, has dismissed rumours that he had an affair with his teammate’s wife.

According to sources, the striker has denied having an affair with the wife of a teammate.

In response to the reports, the Juventus striker vehemently denied any romantic relationship with Predrag Rajkovic’s wife, Ana Cakic.

However, rumours suggest that Rajkovic’s wife and Vlahovic had extramarital affairs, which prevented Vlahovic from regularly representing his country.

The striker, on the other hand, denied the allegations and stated that he was suffering from groin pain.

He was supposed to play a prominent role up front alongside Aleksandr Mitrovic, but he has only played 25 minutes so far.

Before Serbia’s match against Switzerland, Vlahovic addressed the rumors of an affair, calling them “ludicrous.”

He revealed that the allegations were made out of boredom as quoted by TalkSports, saying;

Evidently, these people are bored and have nothing better to do, because they are frustrated or angry, but working against the national interest of the team at the moment is obviously their main job right now.

Meanwhile, If Serbia loses against the Swiss in the decisive match, they will be eliminated. Vlahovic declared himself ready to play.