Shun protests instigated by politicians, Arewa group tells northern youths

The Arewa Youth Progressive Alliance (AYPA) has called on the youth in Northern Nigeria to resist the temptation of being used as pawns in the political games played by unscrupulous and power-hungry politicians.

The group’s spokesman, Inuwa Lawal Kaura, emphasised the consequences that can arise when youth allow themselves to be manipulated for political gain, highlighting the tragic example of Libya.

Kaura, speaking on behalf of the AYPA, underscored the importance of youth empowerment and the dangers of being used as “attack dogs” by politicians.

He also highlighted the urgent need for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to address the widespread suffering across the country.

The AYPA called for youth resistance and reiterated the potential consequences of allowing oneself to be used as a tool for political manipulation.

“The Libyan example serves as a stark warning of how misguided actions can lead to the ultimate destabilisation and destruction of a once prosperous nation. The youth of Libya were misled into participating in protests that ultimately resulted in chaos, civil war, and the collapse of their country’s economy and infrastructure.

“It is crucial for the youth in Northern Nigeria to learn from this tragic lesson and avoid being exploited for short-term political gains,” the group said.

“However, the AYPA’s call does not end with a warning against being used as pawns. It also emphasised the urgent need for President Tinubu to take immediate action to address the widespread suffering across the country. The group pointed out that harsh taxation and forex policies have contributed to the spiraling prices of essential commodities, exacerbating the already dire economic situation faced by many Nigerians.

“It is imperative for the government to review these policies and implement measures that alleviate the burden on the most vulnerable segments of society. The youth of Northern Nigeria, like their counterparts across the country, have been disproportionately affected by the economic hardships and social inequalities that persist.

“They deserve a government that prioritises their well-being and actively works towards creating opportunities for their empowerment. President Tinubu must recognise the urgency of the situation and take concrete steps to address the suffering that plagues the nation,” the group said.

The group, however, urged the federal government to take measures to deal with hoarders of food items for maximisation of profit at the detriment of the larger majority of Nigerians.


Tribune Online