Siblings Electrocuted While Attempting To Turn On TV

Two children a girl aged 10 and a boy aged seven (names withheld), were on Thursday electrocuted in the Mushin area of Lagos state when they attempted to turn on the television after returning from school.

Osun Defender gathered that the victim’s parents, on learning the fate of their children, were thrown into despair with the mother fainting and currently battling for her life at the hospital.

A resident of the area who identified herself as Toyosi said the incident was a work of the devil.

She said, “I heard that it was after school on Thursday, the girl was trying to turn on the TV from the socket when she got electrocuted. Without even knowing what had happened to his older sister, the younger boy went to touch her, he too got electrocuted.

“They stayed at that spot until the light was taken and then they fell. I heard the woman is still at the hospital. She has yet to recover from the shock. We heard that when people went to visit her, she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t cry, she just sat at a spot, looking.”

Another resident of the area, who preferred anonymity, disclosed that the mother of the children had a third child she was breastfeeding when the two older ones passed on.

  • Kazeem Badmus