Tim Cook talks advertising on X, Vision Pro, and more in a new interview

/ Wes DavisA picture of Tim Cook on a multicolored background.

Laura Normand / The Verge

Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledges in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning that there are “some things about” the platform formerly known as Twitter that he doesn’t like. Cook called the platform’s apparent anti-Semitism problem “abhorrent” but said, “Twitter is an important property; I like the concept that it’s there for discourse.” He didn’t say whether he believes Apple should be advertising on X, only that it’s something the company “constantly” asks itself.

Dickerson also pushed Cook on the Vision Pro’s release schedule, asking him about reports that the headset is facing manufacturing delays. Cook said emphatically that the Vision Pro remains on track, echoing his claims from the iPhone 15 “Wonderlust” event last week. He added that he watched all of the third season of Ted Lasso through the upcoming device.

The interview also touched on Apple’s environmental initiatives which include product claims like those around the new Apple Watch Series 9’s carbon friendliness.

Cook says he wants Apple to show it can be profitable to be carbon neutral in hopes other companies “rip it off.” Apple’s gross carbon emissions are, by its own reckoning, falling while the company as a whole continues to thrive.