Tinubu urged to prioritise thorough planning in policy implementation

Engineer Sunday Babalola, a former governorship aspirant in Kwara State, has called on President Bola Tinubu to engage in thorough planning before implementing his policies and programs.

During a conversation with journalists, Babalola emphasized the importance of critical analysis and strategic planning to avoid lapses and prevent unintended hardships on the populace.

Babalola highlighted the need for President Tinubu’s policies to be designed in a way that advances the country, ensures prosperity, and improves the welfare, security, and living standards of citizens.

He urged the President to take the time to plan effectively but also emphasized the urgency due to the limited time frame of three years remaining in his term.

“President Tinubu should plan more of his programs and policies before rolling them out. But his time for planning should not be a century. He should know that he has only three years left now. So, he should plan before rolling out and when he is rolling out, he should keep watching to see what is being impacted, what is going wrong and what should be done to ameliorate the situation or to correct some things. By ameliorating, I do not mean palliatives. You correct what you see that is not being done properly. That in my mind is proper.”

Babalola, who is also a philanthropist, urged Kwara State residents not to despair. He assured them that their current hardship will be temporary, adding that God will assist them with the kind of leadership that will attend to their needs and ameliorate their sufferings.

“There is hope for them. Things can never continue this way. A time will come when it will stop and people will have the government they deserve.”

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He also advised Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara state to ensure the delivery of dividends of democracy to Kwara State residents.

He stated that the state residents deserve better governance, saying that, “In the next three years, he should sit down, plan, look at what will directly impact the people and do it and not by giving people peanuts. He should make sure that the people can see the benefits of democracy so that they will remember him long after he is gone. There are many things to do for the people. He should plan.

“Kwara State deserved better governance. They deserved better visionary leaders. They deserve people who will plan before they take action and not just jump into it and say see what I am doing. That is not different from a masquerade jumping into the market square and dancing in the middle of the night. Nobody will be there to watch him. So we need people who have compassion for the populace. You need people who want to lead from the front and not from the back. By the front I mean people who will be there in the state and not be junketing around the country or living in Abuja. We need people who will truly show that they love the people.

“We need people who will know that the position they are holding is a position of trust. We need people who will truly know that they are answerable to the people who appointed them. When I mean people who appointed them, it does not mean electorate who voted for them, it also includes those who did not vote for them. Everybody should be carried along. We need people who will think how to enhance the lives of the people. People in Kwara are really suffering because daily I get sms, WhatsApp messages of people who need help. People who cannot pay for the school fees of their children, they could not pay house rent or they could not send their loved ones to hospital. There is too much hardship in the state, instead of us having people stand on their own,

“All the past and present government have impoverished Kwarans. Each of them added their quota to the burden of the people”, he said.



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