Traders, drivers vow to end Monday sit-at-home in South-East

  • Nwabueze, addressing the press, stated that both drivers and traders, have pledged to put an end to the sit-at-home order in the entire South-East

The Anambra State Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA) and the Urban Drivers Welfare Association of Anambra State (UDWAAS) have made a commitment to stop the Monday sit-at-home order in the South-East region.

The President General of ASMATA, Chief Humphrey Anuna, and the President of UDWAAS, Prince Moses Nwabueze, along with their respective members, met at the Traders’ Secretariat in Onitsha to discuss the issue.

Nwabueze, addressing the press, stated that both drivers and traders, being significant stakeholders, have pledged to put an end to the sit-at-home order not only in Anambra but also in the entire South-East region.

Nwabueze said, “The adverse effect of the sit-at-home on the people of Anambra and the entire South-East, especially as it concerns trading activities and logistics, has become worrisome. And as drivers, we have realised we are critical stakeholders in ending the exercise.

“Therefore, we have advised that drivers and traders should resume their normal business activities and we assure residents of the availability of transportation to convey them to their business places every Monday. When buses are available, people will start coming out.

“There is a need for the drivers to dissociate themselves from the non-existent Monday sit-at-home because such action is negatively affecting the economic activities of the region with drivers in the state at the receiving end. We are equally ready to always partner ASMATA in ending this inglorious exercise.”

According to Humphrey Anuna, the President of ASMATA, Anambra State is the country’s business center and should not risk losing that status by participating in a non-existent sit-at-home exercise every Monday.

He acknowledges the negative economic impact it has on the state and is determined to use any legal methods available to put an end to the sit-at-home order. Anuna emphasizes that his dedication to the well-being of the traders in Anambra State remains unwavering.

“We will not relent in ensuring a peaceful atmosphere for the traders and to bring back investors who for now have diverted to neighbouring states for their business transactions due to fear of uncertainty in the state and South-East zone.

“Both traders and drivers are critical stakeholders and they need each other to make this possible and we assure every stakeholder of unalloyed support.”