Trump can’t evade ban using alias

US President Donald Trump will not be able to get around Twitter’s ban by registering a new account or using an alias, technology news site TechCrunch reported yesterday.

If Mr Trump attempts to evade his suspension, any account he uses will also be subject to a ban for breaking Twitter’s rules, the report added.

Twitter had earlier implemented a permanent ban on Mr Trump’s personal account @realDonaldTrump after it considered the risks of further incitement of violence. The social media platform had suspended Mr Trump last Wednesday for posting misleading tweets about the presidential election result, and for appearing to spur rioters before they mobbed the US Capitol.

After his personal Twitter account was permanently banned, Mr Trump tweeted on @POTUS that he will look at building his own platform and accused Twitter of “silencing” him.

Twitter deleted the tweets and shut down his @TeamTrump campaign account shortly after it sent out a tweet with Mr Trump’s statement accusing Twitter of “banning free speech”.