Wike demolishes popular ‘Kilishi’ market In Abuja

  • The demolition took place on Monday followed a notice earlier issued on Sunday
  • Galadima meets traders and owners of shops

The Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike-led administration, has demolished the popular Kilishi market located in the Area 1 area of Abuja.

The demolition which took place on Monday followed a notice earlier issued on Sunday by the Director, Development Control, Federal Capital Territory Administration, Muktar Galadima, during a meeting with traders and owners of shops at the Area 1 shopping complex.

The meeting was to reach an understanding with the traders and owners of shops in the area before the demolition was carried out.

Galadima had stated that attachment shops, other illegal constructions, and parking lots have made the roads around the complex impassable.

This development was arrived at by authorities of the FCTA made up of the Departments of Development Control, Security Service, the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, as well as the Abuja Investments Company Limited, at a meeting with traders.

Galadima made this known at the meeting with traders and owners of shops during the weekend.

He told the traders that the people-friendly FCT Administration decided to meet with managers of the market to reach an understanding before carrying out the exercise, adding that the congested nature of the market, its unhygienic and untidy conditions, were not good for any emergency and health.

Galadima said, “The way the market is very congested and unhygienic is not good for the safety and health of the traders and customers. God forbid but imagine if there is any fire outbreak in this market, it will be disastrous, and rescue operations impossible.

“As a government, we do not have to wait for that to happen before we take action. Remember, we were here last year to do some cleanup, but this time, it is different. We are going to remove the attachments and create space inside the market for parking.

“We are not happy with the traffic situation caused by activities of this market so we will sanitise it in line with the vision of the Nyesom Wike-led FCT Administration in sanitising the Federal Capital Territory.”