World Bank, WTO hold talks with Nigeria on digital trade

The World Bank and World Trade Organization (WTO) have held talks with Nigerian authorities to explore the nation’s digital trade sector. 

According to NITDA’s Inuwa, the primary focus of the visit was to discuss priority areas in digital trade, share initial findings from the Digital Trade Regulatory Gap Analysis, and explore collaborative opportunities in digital trade.

The discussions, which also focused on cross-border data services, and digital regulations, according to NITDA, are intended to strengthen Nigeria’s digital trust and promote economic growth and diversification.

“This engagement is crucial as it aligns with the redefined priority areas of the Renewed Hope Agenda,” Inuwa said. “Our goal is to accelerate diversification through industrialisation, digitization, and innovation.”

NITDA said the visit signifies a step forward in enhancing Nigeria’s digital ecosystem, promising to foster innovation and drive economic progress through improved digital trade regulations and services.